I have struggled to get something working for learning a bit of openconfig.

At the end, all info my info comes from Anton’s Karneliuk blog series about Openconfig. So all credit to him. It is the best source about real testing of openconfig in different platforms.

I am not going to create the wheel and explain what openconfig is. In my head, it is attempt from several big vendors to standardise the network management (config) and monitoring (telemetry) via YANG (vendor-neutral) models. So OC uses YANG. And we interact with OC using a transport protocol like netconf, restcong and gNMI. So the network devices need to implement one of these protocols. Based on the blog Cisco, Nokia and Arista have netconf implementations and Ansible has a module for that!!! So the key words are openconfig, yang and netcong.

So in my case, based on my ceos lab, I have added a new playbook based on Anton’s to test openconfig/netcong with Arista cEOS:

This is quite basic as it only gets the interface config.

Following Anton’s Part3 Blog:

I tried to push config via openconfig to my ceos devices (all files are in github as per link above).

The blog is dense but it is good because there is a lot of info. In this case, you have to use an Ansible role so it is a new thing to learn. As well, I wanted to adapt that role to my env and found some ansible issues but managed to fix after reading ansible documentation and paying attention to the -vvv info.

From “oc-push-config.yaml” the first task “collect” it is fine. It just takes some 10 minutes or more to get all YANG modules from each device.

The issue is with task “configure”. It fails when trying to push the interface config. I have tried Anton’s config and the actual config generated from oc-get-interface-info.yaml but no joy.

Based on the blog, it seems Arista doesnt have much interest in Openconfig.

Anyway, there have been a couple of intense days looking at all this openconfig/netcong/yang thing. I have just touched the surface but I have learned some Ansible in the way too. So could be worse.

Will move on to something else.