I was surprised today reading this blog entry. Watching the video, it reminds me to techno, so it is good. And reading further his bio in wikipedia, I was really impressed with his persona, political/social effort and music. And somehow, I noticed there was a movie about him, I am pretty sure I have seen the ad somewhere but as usual, I normally ignore the movies.

I dont believe in those hall of fame things, but definitely I would put Tina, RATM and Fela.


Today I came across a video (not recent) about Cristian Varela (strange there is no Wikipedia entry about him). He is one of my favourite techno DJs and a legend in the Spanish Techno scene. I learnt a couple of things from that video, he is the son of a famous Spanish actor, he is working in different projects apart from “just” techno gigs and production, and he went through a sharp drop in his career but he is back (how important is to have good people around…)

As somebody very wise told me: “Techno always makes friends”

Here two massive sessions: percussion and tokyo