Breath and Cold

I finished this book. It is quite good, I have read about Wim Hof through another book that mentioned the benefits of cold for physical recovery in sports. And after a bit of more searching I was interested in reading more.

The book shows the benefits of breathing and how disconnected we are from our environment. And we have the tools to change that.

In other books about depression and trauma, mentioned the disconnection from our environment as one main cause, and getting back to it (nature) gets improvements.

I have never been a strong swimmer neither have a big lung capacity but I remember that when I was swimming as a teenager in my hometown, after doing the breathing exercises I could hold much longer. And the second day I tried the breathing exercise from the book, I managed 4 minutes. I was quite surprised. So I am adding this to my meditation practice too.

Regarding the cold, the days I am going for a run, I finish my shower with cold water (based on the fittest book) so I can give better recovery to my legs (and knees). And to be honest, It feels very good afterwards. If you don’t fight the cold (don’t shiver) it is interesting how your body relaxes and heartbeat slows down.

So I will carry on with the cold and breath exercises.