Sales Psychology, BERT testing, EVPN asymmetric/symmetric, git sync fork

Sales Psychology: I have noticed with myself lately, since I subscribed to a youtube channel, everything is a “negativity bias”. I can’t see any video with a positive message. I subscribed because I want to learn and improve but the publicity is wrong.

BERT Testing: I wonder if there is anything opensource.

Git sync fork. This something I have never tried before

1- Add remote

0) check your remote
git remote -v
1) Add new remote
git remote add upstream URL
2) git fetch/pull from the upstream
git pull upstream

EVPN VXLAN Asymmetric/Symmetric routing: blog1

Asymmetric IRB
– Ingress VTEP does both L2 and L3 lookup
– Egress VTEP does L2 lookup only
– Bridge – Route – Bridge
– Pros: “easy” to configure – just copy/paste. Identical config with the only difference in SVI IP addresses.
– Cons: on the way back, traffic will be reversed => all VXLANs need to be configured on all VTEPs => increased ARP cache and CAM table sizes and control plane scaling issue => not very efficient.

Symmetric IRB
– Ingress VTEP does both L2 and L3 lookup
– Egress VTEp does both L3 and L2 lookup
– Bridge – Route – Route – Bridge
– L3 VNI should be configured on all VTEPS, L2 VNIs only where local ports exist

Other things about EVPN: link1 link2