Gaming Latency, LLM course, Anycast ipv6

Another LLM course: and looks quite good. But dont think I will have time to use it.

Nice video about Gaming Latency:

How to curl an ipv6:

$ curl -v -g -k -6 'https://[2603:1061:13f1:4c06::]:443/'
Trying [2603:1061:13f1:4c06::]:443...
Connected to 2603:1061:13f1:4c06:: (2603:1061:13f1:4c06::) port 443
ALPN: curl offers h2,http/1.1

The destination address is indeed IPv6 anycast: 2603:1061:13f1:4c06:: (notice the “::” at the end)

According to RFC4291


So it is indeed an anycast address.

According to Cisco (haven’t been able to find the RFC, haven’t looked much), this shouldn’t happen:


So how I can curl and ipv6 anycast address from MS as it were a host??