Discord – 68 Bits – HC2023 Google – Huge – Terrapin

Discord Scale: I think I read something about Elixir (and BEAM). So It was nice to side a successful product built with it. And how Discord has managed to keep pushing the scale of their platform. Everything is high level but gives you an idea.

68 Bits of advice: From Kevin Kelly

HotChips 2023: I received an email with all presentations and videos. Some picked my curiosity (although ALL of them are out of my understanding

  • Exciting Directions for ML Models and the Implications for Computing Hardware: video and pdf. A lot of focus in power consumption and reduce CO2. The optical I am still struggling. But it is interesting that they say they go for liquid cooling and beyond Ethernet for the supercomputer.
  • Inside the Cerebras Wafer-Scale Cluster: video and pdf. I have read about Cerebras before so it was nice to read/see something directly from them.

They made Google Huge: based on link. From the google presentation above, and the end there are a lot of references about the authors. I think I read about it in the past but It was nice to re-read it again.

Terrapin: SSH vulnerability. I need to patch 🙁