How to apply silicone

This week I tried to apply new silicone to the flooring of my bathroom. Initially I watched a video and gave it a go. It was a disaster, I was lucky that I didnt do the whole thing, just one part that is not in direct view, so I managed to clean-up. Using a finger to level the silicone doesnt work for me…..

I kept checking videos and this one was a breakthrough!

In summary, cut your nozzle at the level of your “fungi” so the stream of silicone covers properly. Obviously buy a “fungi” or similar tool for levelling the silicone, dont use the finger, clean properly the old silicone (have white spirit around) and use good silicone.

In my case, I had to cut the nozzle twice as the gaps I needed to cover werent equal all round the floor. So I cut the nozzle for the small gap first, use the chosen fungi length, then cut again the nozzle for the “big” gap, and use again the chosen fungi