Catching Lights

I finished “Greenlights” and really enjoyed. I am not very keen of famous people as I think they are overrated but I had watched some motivational videos from Matthew McConaughey in youtube and decided to give it a go.

BTW, this is the best definition (minute 2) for trading you can find anywhere. After this you will not need to apply for a MBA.

It has been a very engaging read, the typical book that you wish it had more pages. It is about “livin” as they author writes. You see the experiences, problems, adventures of a human being. With all the lessons. It is like spending a whole night with a person you just met or a good friend, enjoying dinner, and a drink (or two) and a smoke (or two) and you open up totally, mutually: good, bad, worse, best things. Until sunrise. Intense but soothing .

When you dont have much social interactions, sometimes, you only source of “experience” apart from yours, it is a book. And I feel I learned from it.

So, I need to start catching my own lights.