Finally managed to finish GEB. I read it for first time when I was in university in Spanish. This time I wanted to read the original version. It is a dense book with topics I didnt grasp at that time. Now, I am a bit more up to date but still find it hard although still very interesting. The last part is quite focus in AI and you notice how far has gone this field in the last 20 years since this book was written. We have AI beating the best players in chess and Go. And even go further to work out 3D shape of proteins. So this goes well with another part of the book related to DNA and replication.

Still one of the main topics of the book it is Godel’s Theorem. It is the typical thing, I think I understand conceptually and then in a different topic, I lost it. Somehow, I want to connect Godel’s to software engineering in respected of bugs. In my head, the more complex the software, the more vulnerable becomes. But not sure how to explain it.

As well, the author has made some very good drawings to connect with the text. Quite original.

To be honest, the musical terms are quite puzzling because I dont understand most of the topics but I am trying to listen to the Musical Offering of JS Bach and try to find “something”.

I hope in another 20y, I can make more sense of it.