I can agree that 2020 hasnt been the best year ever with all the issues happening: racial violence, USA political turmoil, coronavirus, etc. But I need to look at the bright side:

  • Got a job offer in Jan 2020 that opened doors to very interesting changes in my life.
  • Got a visa for a new country
  • Leave my old job
  • Stay out of work for two months, learning a lot “working” from home.
  • Start this blog
  • Reading more books than other years
  • Visit Sofia (Bulgaria), Porto, Nazaret and Batalla (Portugal)
  • Remind my Karate
  • Fitter than ever (no injuries, more days training)
  • Passed Kubernetes CKA
  • Cold showers + breathing routines
  • More scheduling than to-do list
  • Cooking many new things.
  • Saving a lot
  • Helping family
  • Friends are doing well.
  • Focus in my mental well-being
  • Start a new job


I cooked a vegan dish last night for a friend. It is a mix of something similar I did some time ago but now with mushrooms and red wine.


  • 300g mushrooms shredded via food processor
  • 1 small potato cut in small slides + olive oil
  • 1 red pepper
  • 1 can of passata (tomate sauce)
  • oregano + salt + pepper + splash red wine vinegar
  • 1 can of mix beans
  • red wine (100ml)
  • 2 small pieces of dark chocolate (85%)


1- In a saucepan, heat some oil, add the potatoes and red pepper. Fry them. Keep stirring so they dont stick in the bottom.

2- Add the tomate sauce, stir for a couple of minutes, adding the oregano, salt, pepper.

3- Add the mushrooms.

4- Add the can of beans, keep stirring. And add the red wine

5- At no low-medium heat, keep stirring form time to time. Sauce should thicken up and not stick in the bottom. Taste, add salt/pepper if needed.

6- 10-15 minutes later, taste. Check pepper and beans are soft. Add chocolate, it should melt quickly and darken the sauce.

7- Remove from the heat, and serve in bowls!

To be honest, it was tasty, not difficult and quick.