I finished this book yesterday. This was my first book from Cory Doctorow, I have heard about him for some time about his support for digital freedom and his blogging (never read it though). Somehow I decided to read something from I chose this book as it seemed the latest. And to be honest, I am glad I did it because I liked it. I didnt know what to expect the four novellas really hit the nail on the head in the main issues of our society:

1- Immigration – Digital freedom – Social connection – Social classes – Youth against injustice

2- Racism – even superpowers can “fix” it – America blind eye (and the whole world to be honest)

3- Healthcare (cost, politics, etc), Brutal-capitalism, Radicalization, Guilt, Mental Health.

4- Clean water, Global instability, Violence, Social disconnection

I have the feeling that you can see the current work in each history. In one part you think we are doomed but there is always a spot of hope. And it is just “having hope”, it is taking action.

And I learned that the DMCA was signed by a Democrat…. good b-job Clinton…

And I want to use more often Tor more often. Just for browsing it is really easy.