Multicast + 5G

I have been cleaning up my email box and found some interesting stuff. This is from APNIC regarding a new approach to deploy multicast. Slides from nanog page (check tuesday) In my former employer, we suffered traffic congestion several times after some famous games got new updates. So it is interesting that Akamai is trying to deploy inter-domain multicast in the internet. They have a massive network and I guess they suffered with those updates and this is an attempt to “digest” better those spikes. At minute 16 you can see the network changes required. It doesnt look like a quick/easy change but would be a great thing to happen.

And reading a nanog conversation about 5G I realised that this technology promises high bandwidth (and that could fix the issue of requiring multicast). But still we should have a smarter way to deliver same content to eyeball networks?

From the nanog thread, there are several links to videos about 5G like this from verizon that gives the vision from a big provider and its providers (not technical). This one is more technical with 5G terms (I lost contact of Telco term with early 4G). As well, I see mentioning kubernetes in 5G deployments quite often. I guess something new to learn.