Range: How Generalists Triumph in a Specialized World

I finished this ebook yesterday. With ebooks can’t hardly take notes so in this case was a pitty but as well a bit of a relief.

Really good and better than I expected. As the title says, it is about having range, being generalist and not ultra specialized.

It gives examples where specialized (at early age) is good because it is inside a domain of well-known rules and immediate feedback like golf (Tiger Woods) and chess. It was int

But provide example of exceptional sports figures (Federer) who didnt commit to one sport to late age.

And that affects not only to sport but to your career and the research. Teams with members from different backgrounds and knowledge produce more than specialized team. It provides examples from investing to solving science problems. So it is quite shocking.

Although an early specialization will give you a head start, the general view will win in the long run. It is not bad to be very good at something, but trying different things can bring extra benefits. That’s the summary of the book.

Personally, I buy it. I like networks, but I have interests in linux, automation, hardware, baking, etc. I will never win a Nobel prize (and I dont need it) but I think it gives me from options at the end of the day. You just need to see the job descriptions where they ask for everything.