Is This Anything?

I never connected with the serie Seinfeld (never tried to watch it neither), I knew about it, I knew people who were superfans and took it as nearly religion, but still I never had the curiosity. I remember many years ago that when the show finished, it was a big deal, people launched parties to celebrate the long success of the serie.

One day I read about the work behind being a stand-up comedian, and they put as example this book I have just read. The point, the humor/jokes dont come out as art of magic, it is a constant job. The book is about “jokes” since he started in 70s until 2010s so that shows you that there is no magic bullet.

I like some jokes, they made laugh a lot and there were many I didnt get. I guess it is not the same reading a funny line that watching it.

The best ones I remember are the one about security guards and terrorists in airports, Wrestling referees, Fakebook and dual AC in cars, to name a few.

And another point that I realized that is very important and I skip, is the need of humor/laugh. Sometime I think that all is about Stoicism, Buddhism and other ideas but I noticed that missed something. A good laugh, with good friends, and you see the world in a different way.

Hope I dont forget it