Black Spartacus

I just finished this book. Very interesting life from Toussaint Louverture from a slave to being the first to declare the end of slavery in the Caribbean and triggering the independence of Haiti (he died before that). I think he wouldn’t be proud of what happened to his country after all his efforts though. Haiti reminds me of this movie.

I didnt know Napoleon wanted to establish again slavery in Haiti once Toussaint declared the constitution. I always thought that after the French Revolution, freedom would be given for granted. You know all the “liberte, egalite, fraternite”… it seems only applied to France (and whites). Something we dont learn in Europe.

As well, the Haiti flag is like the French one without the white part. They removed it because they were angry with the French and whites after France tried to invade Haiti.

As well, for being the first colony to declare the end of slavery or trying independence, it is not as well know as the Cuban revolution or Simon Bolivar. Toussaint was ahead of his time and showed the path for the next generation. He declared the Haiti constitution in 1801. The American Civil War started on 1861.

It is interesting his Republican and Catholic credos. His constant show of discipline and how he became a great general winning and fighting battles. And he managed to take over the current Dominic Republic. And deal with the main power of the time: England, Spain, France and USA.

But again, I think power corrupts any soul, and the longer you have it the worse. The last years of Toussaint shows social issues. It is remarkable his view of a equal society, no matter the color of skin. Education and religion for all. Same opportunities for all. But it hit me when in the book mention that most of his generals owned big plantations but the normal black worked had no access to property or not was promoted. It seems workers were paid a 1/4 of the production that is not bad but at the end, you want the chance to be your own boss. He wanted to increase the agriculture production and that made to create laws that look more as dictatorship than anything else.

It is a pitty that he didnt have a (declared) successor that would be at his level.