Bakeries p1

I want to try to visit one bakery from time to time and see the new city. First some old visits for this year:

Fortitude: I went there last time I was in London…. I tried two things, they were nice. I dont remember the names though (like girls 🙂 The one below looked big but it was mainly the cream.

Arome: I went early this year I think. It was a bit late and I tried the best seller that is like a thick slice of bread caramelised. It was nice, super crispy outside and juicy. And looked simple.

From this video, you can see both places above. Although, I should try others mentioned in the video.

And this is the page I am following to plan my visits in Berlin:

Sofi: I wen there today. Really impressed with the “pain aux raisins”style pastry but it was really cardamon… super crispy.

I bought a piece of rye with seeds bread too:

It is nice, and I have similar recipe so I can do it.

Domberger Brot-Werk: I went there last week, very nice place. I didnt take any picture but I tried:

  • Vinschgerl: small bread roll, rye flour and spices.

Johann Backerei: It wasn’t in my plan this weekend but I went there and I tried a “pain au chocolate” that was good and 1/4 of big piece of bread. And that was amazing!

The bread was still warm! (and I bought it after 2pm!) I think it is wholemeal flour because it is darker than mine, very dark crust. I am not sure if it has some spieces? The webpage doesnt say much and then you just have IG……

KEIT: I tried the “Toast” bread that is not actually the standard toast bread. I got a bit late and they didnt have small pieces of the bread I wanted to try. I managed to have a conversation with the shop assistant as there was nobody waiting and she recommended that.

And too be honest, I was quite surprised. It was very tasty, spongy and moist. So definitely not the standard toast bread. Based on the webpage, the ingredients are: natural sourdough, oat porridge, spelt flour (Dinkel) 630, water, thermal salt. At some point I want to try new recipes of sourdough.

Albatross: I bought a piece of bread and a pastry (queen a). The pastry was good, but I wouldn’t go there again just for that. But the bread was amazing! It was the house bread.:

80% Wheat
15% Wholegrain Wheat
5% Rye

So jealous… the crust, the crumb, the taste. Every perfect.