Bakeries p1

I want to try to visit one bakery from time to time and see the new city. First some old visits for this year:

Fortitude: I went there last time I was in London…. I tried two things, they were nice. I dont remember the names though (like girls 🙂 The one below looked big but it was mainly the cream.

Arome: I went early this year I think. It was a bit late and I tried the best seller that is like a thick slice of bread caramelised. It was nice, super crispy outside and juicy. And looked simple.

From this video, you can see both places above. Although, I should try others mentioned in the video.

And this is the page I am following to plan my visits in Berlin:

Sofi: I wen there today. Really impressed with the “pain aux raisins”style pastry but it was really cardamon… super crispy.

I bought a piece of rye with seeds bread too:

It is nice, and I have similar recipe so I can do it.

Domberger Brot-Werk: I went there last week, very nice place. I didnt take any picture but I tried:

  • Vinschgerl: small bread roll, rye flour and spices.

Johann Backerei: It wasn’t in my plan this weekend but I went there and I tried a “pain au chocolate” that was good and 1/4 of big piece of bread. And that was amazing!

The bread was still warm! (and I bought it after 2pm!) I think it is wholemeal flour because it is darker than mine, very dark crust. I am not sure if it has some spieces? The webpage doesnt say much and then you just have IG……

VimGPT – Maia AI – Mirai – Reptar – Mellanox Debian – RISC-V DC – Mojo – Moors Law

VimGTP: Very interesting project. I haven’t used it. But thinking aloud, you could use it to interact with sites that dont have API (couriers)? I think with Selenium you can do things like that?

Maia AI: CLoud providers like to be masters of their own destiny so try to build as many things by themselves as possible. So now MS has developed its GPU for AI. It is quite interesting the custom rack they had to built with the sidekick for cooling down the new chips. There are no many figures about the chip (5nm, 105b transistors) to compare with other things in the market.

Reptar: new Intel CPU vulnerability. It looks like is a feature from Ice Lake architecture. It looks like you can crash the cores but no yet take over. Still interesting.

I am not affected 🙂

$ grep fsrm /proc/cpuinfo

Mellanox with Debian: Interesting how you can install a nearly standard Debian into a Mellanox SN2700 switch.

RISC-V into datacenter: Happy to see RISC-V chips in the datacenter. But not clear who is going to use them?

Mirai history: I think most of wired articles read like a holywood movie 🙂 Although 2016 security issues are “old” school, still interesting how teenagers got that far.

Mojo: Interesting because of the people behind of it… really impressive.

Moor’s law analysis: I liked the part about networks, that is not very common mentioned in these type of analysis.