Scout Mindset

I finished this ebook yesterday. Somehow I had some ebooks to read and they are kind of connected. This one is related to mindsets and relates to this book a read some time ago.

The goal is to have a “scout” mindset that a “soldier” mindset. A scout mindset is the one that see the world as it is, learns from mistakes, it is not biased (something quite difficult) and is flexible. The soldier one doesnt accept what it sees and try to rationalize its believe and mistakes. It relates to the concept of think fast, slow, where your take most of the decisions quickly and without much digging, something critical some thousands years ago . This doesnt really work nowadays for us. In general, we want a quick benefit although long-term is not the best.

The book gives many example of biases / soldier mindset, like Dreyfus affair, political views, feminism view, breast feeding, etc. And how the “experts” predictions are so bad.

Part of developing a scout mindset starts with the self-awareness, that is noticing your (many types) of bias that may change depending of the situation. Other steps are motivating without self-deception, influencing without overconfidence and be able to change your mind.

The last part of the book relates to identities that can make as “soldiers” and so missing opportunities so see other opinions more clearly.

In general, interesting book. And as usual, the goal is to take things and put them in practice.

One thing that I struggle with ebooks is the highlights and notes. In a normal book, I can highlight something and make a small note at the end of the book so I can get a “quick summary” of what I find interesting.