tty scrollback – tmux

One of the things I had in my to-learn list after rebuilding my laptop was how to scrollback using the tty console (Ctr+F1, etc). I searched and this gave some hope. I tried to see how to do it in Debian as the steps mentioned looked like for Fedora only. This new link looked promising but no joy.

It seems the scrollback support was dropped from kernet 5.9 onwards based on this link. The lack of a maintainer was the main reason (there were security issues that needed attention). I run 5.15.

But as workaround, you can use “tmux” when in the tty and use its scrollback option. tmux is a tool that I would like to learn 🙁 I normally use “terminator”. Although I can use both…

How to scrollback in tmux? Here. So “ctrl+b” then [. Then you can use Fn+PgUp in my case to go up one page. It

A bit of history about Linux console scrollback.