Lime Pie

I have tried this pie… twice.. and failed miserably… twice.

This is the typical random video I watch and then I add it to my to-cook list.

Somehow I went for this version as I didnt want to use condensed milk as I thought it was going to be too sweet. I didnt do any meringue or used macha tea.

My first attempt was bad for a couple of reasons. The coconut milk I used was “light” (low in fat) and at the end, the cake tasted like acid (due to the lime) water. And second, I didnt put enough biscuits for the base. And the biscuits were ginger nuts so I added extra spiciness to the taste 🙂

I decided to give it a new go, using full fat coconut milk and plenty of (ginger) nuts. To be honest, it still tastes a bit bland. Shall I add more limes (but will add more acidity?), shall I add more sugar (too sweet then)? Not sure.

I think, I will try the “classic” version next time, with homemade condensed milk.