The Art of Resilience

One day when I was a child, I recollect an interview (TV or radio not sure) about a basketball player who have been playing for a long time without an injury. And that was reported as something extraordinary. I think the interview said the moto of this player was “My body and mind are a temple so I look after them very well”. I can’t say who was the player, if it was NBA or something else. I dont think it was a famous player neither. Or maybe this is something that my mind made up from something. Not sure, but that sentence has been with me since them although it has taken years to fully understand. For many years, I have been trying to look after myself (body and mind) as best as I can. And there is always way to improve and things not to forget.

For that reason I read this book. I have already read Ross’ first book back in 2018, so the new one was appealing .

One of the central subjects of his adventure is taking stoicism as a philosophy base. And that is something I feel quite close lately.

Apart from the philosophy, there are many points important for succeeding in such a challenge (without being sick!)

  • preparation: getting wintered
  • control your pace
  • strength training / stress
  • manage pain
  • manage fear
  • humor
  • importance of food (hunger)
  • importance of digestion
  • sleep
  • your pyramid of needs (Maslow’s)

As the author says, there is no superpower or birth gift. It is just you and the cocktel above to achieve whatever you want.