Never split the difference

Just finished this book. I heard about it from my goland training… and actually it is quite good. You see the extrapolation of negotiation techniques from a FBI negotiator to the business world. One the first things I noticed is how he highlights the importance our the lack of rationality based on “Thinking, fast and slow” when making decisions.

I dont consider myself a good negotiator or bargainer but you can always learn something new like about how to negotiate a pay rise 🙂

It is interesting the focus in:

  • Mirroring the other side: create rapport
  • Labelling: create trust reusing words. Proof you are listening.
  • Look for the “No“: This is quite unusual as you are always pushed for the “yes”. The “No” provides a lot info for getting to the real deal.
  • Use “How”, “What”. Avoid “Why”.
  • Body language is very important and how you say things. Keep feelings at bay. Remember the night show’s DJ voice. Be ready to take a punch.
  • Create the illusion of control in the other side
  • Find the lair/time-waster. Ensure the next steps.
  • Ackerman Bargaining: start at 65% of your target price. Increase to 85%, 95% and 100%. Use empathy and different ways to say “no”. Use precise, nonround numbers for the final offer.
  • Not all is about the money. You can use non monetary items to get the deal (free publicity, etc)
  • Find Unknown Unknows (aka the black swan)

As the author says, it is better “no deal” than a “bad deal”.

I hope I can remember things for the next time I am in negotiation situation.