This is something I had in my to-watch list… and finally found some time to check out a couple of talks that looked interesting:

  • Emulating Network Topologies in k8s (Google): video

I liked this talk. It is about network simulation with kubernetes. It reminds me to “containerlab” as it uses containers. I was surprises that Google showed Nokia SROS and Arista cEOS. Do they use them in production? Funny enough, there was no Cisco.

I checked KNE and looks interesting, I should try it at some point.

  • ¬† ¬†Towards a new Ethernet for High-Performance Data Centers – Activities and Enhancements in IEEE 802.1: video

Mentions infinibad is still king in top 100 HPC. There are 3 improvements in the pipeline for Ethernet QoS to make PFC more “flow” aware. Still some “time” until it hits the market though.

As well, there is a moment, where it mentions Azure managed to get RDMA working at 100km with MACSEC. I think this is the video.

This is the whole video list and slides.