When things fall apart

I finished this book last week. I wasnt sure what was about but I liked it. It was a good refresh for keeping back the “peace” of mind. Its focus is Buddhism and mentions often the benefits of meditation while navigating a conflicting world/life. It reminds you to live the present, don’t hope, be groundless. There are a lot stories of main Buddhist figures dealing with different problems like when Buddha reached the illumination when the Maras attacked him, but he welcome them and didnt fight them. Something, as well, very important is to realize the path is the goal. In a so materialistic world, reading parts of the books is like cleaning your face with cold water. So refreshing, and wakes you up!

In general, it is a small book, quick to read and as I tell myself sometimes, I need to re-read some books. It is not the philosophical stone that is going to solve all problems but helps you to focus. This book or similar to be honest.