Atomic Habits

I finished this ebook last week. It has been interesting to read about some techniques that I have used without really noticing like adding/removing things from my visual radar.

I believe that the key is to create your mindset and grow little by little (atomic). This in an investment in the long run, on you.

The big picture for building habits:

  • Obvious, Attractive, Easy and Satisfying:

The big picture for removing habits:

  • Invisible, Unattractive, Hard and Unsatisfying.

And this book makes references to “Man’s search for meaning”.

Some other notes from the summary:

  • Happiness is simple the absence of desire (The richest is not the one who has more things but the one with less needs – my grandmother told me that once)
  • Being curious is better than being smart.
  • Emotions drives behaviour. Your response tends to follow your emotions.
  • Suffering drives progress.
  • Satisfaction = Craving – Reward
  • Feelings come both before and after behaviour: Cue -> Craving (feeling) -> Response -> Reward (feeling)