Prince of Persia

A couple of months ago I was reading about how the game DOOM was ported to a product from a CDN company. I remember I played a bit and brought back good memories when I was playing DOOM2. Even the code was published in github. Somehow I clicked to the book about DOOM and found about a book about Prince of Persia. I bought both at the end.

The book about POP was quick to read. It is “just” the journals of the author across some years. It is interesting how much has changed the industry since late 80s. He though the gaming industry wasn’t going to last long. 30 years later we have even “e-sports”! I didnt know he wrote the whole game. I assumed this kind of projects were managed by big teams. But those times, things were simpler and a good hacker could do those things. And he was super young! And before that he wrote the game “Karateka” that I dont remember. Anyway, Prince of Persia was one of my favourite games! And now you can still play online. I think I played a bit the second part but that was it. I always kept loyal to the first part. As a journal you can read the struggles of the person. He wanted to make movies but then the gaming thing was always calling him. I think it is quite interesting what he did as he was travelling, writing scripts and then video games in the late 80s and 90s.