This week I realised that Juniper JunOS was moving to Linux…. called Evolved. I guess they will still be supporting FreeBSD version but long term will be Linux. I am quite surprised as this was really announced early 2020, always late joining the party. So all big boys are running linux at some level: Cisco has done it sometime ago with nx-os, Brocade/Extrene did it too with SLX (based on Ubuntu) and obviously Arista with EOS (based on Fedora). So the trend of more “open” network OS will be on the raise.

And as well, I finished “Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom” book. Indiana Jones films are among my favourites… although this was was always considered the “worse” (I erased from my mind the “fourth”) I have really enjoyed the book. It was like watching the movie at slow pace and didnt care that I knew the plot. I will get the other books likely.