API scripts: CML and Vsphere

In the last months I have been trying to practice the knowledge from CCNA DevNet and managed to wrote very basic scripts using API.

CML is a simulation solution from Cisco that actually works (you have to pay and need hardware). There are nice docs out there:

CML sandbox

CML Starting guide + API examples (this saved me)

CML simulation lifecycle example (havent tried yet)

CML: I actually struggled in this one regarding how to authenticate….. Checking some pages I worked out. I was trying to use the theory from DevNet but no joy. The idea is to restore a lab after you have made many changes. The script log into CML, delete the lab and restore with a provided backup.

Some docs for vsphere api:

Vsphere create session: (quite useful)

vcenter REST API authentication

vcenter API with Postman

Vsphere postman examples (need to take a look)

Vsphere: This is even simpler…. at least in this one I didnt struggle with the auth as the documentation was quite clear. But the original goal of restore a VM from a snapshot looks like is not available via API.