VMware Co-stop / LPM in hardware

This is a very interesting article about how Longest Prefix Matching is done in networks chips. I remember reading about bloom filters in some Cloudfare blog but I didnt think that would be use too in network chips. As well, I forgot how critical is LPM in networking.

I had to deal lately with some performance issues with an application running in a VM. I am quite a noob regarding virtualization and always assumed the bigger the VM the better (very masculine thing I guess…) But a virtualization expert at work explained me issues regarding that assumption with this link. I learnt a lot from it (still a noob though). But I agree that I see most vendors asking for crazy requirements when offering products to run in VM…. and that looks like that kills that idea itself of having a virtualization environment because that VM looks like requires a dedicated server…. So right-sizing your product/VM is very important. I agree with the statement that vendors dont really do load testing for their VM offering and the high requirements it is an excuse to “avoid” problems from customers.