I was reading a chat today, and people were talking about issues with EH. As usual, I didn’t pay attention to the very beginning of the conversation. At the end, after reading the initial link from the conversation, this was all related to IPv6 Extended Headers. And it seems they can cause issues even showed in a rfc7872.

This is the agenda from “NPS/CAIDA 2020 Virtual IPv6 Workshop” last week. And this Geoff Huston’s presentation that started the conversation. And one more link from Geoff about measuring IPv6.

And this is an old issue about IPv6, fragmentation, load balancers, anycast networks that was very interesting to read. IPv6 MTU is 1280.

I don’t have production experience with IPv6 so I try to learn from others. At some point I need to create a proper IPv6 lab with IPv6 services (NTP, DNS, DHPC, HTTPs, etc)