BGP-Free Core

This week I have been following a discussion in NANOG about LDPv6 (there are lot of emails but it is VERY interesting) and I realized that I didnt recognize the term “BGP-Free Core”. So I searched about it. It seems it wasnt an obscure subject and funny enough I have used that design in my MPLS labs in GNS3… So what is BGP-Free core? These are the links I read:

And this is my favourite.

As in my basic MPLS lab, we only use BGP between PEs, and the P router only does IGP and LDP, it doesnt have to know anything about VRFs.

So for that reason, you need to increase the MTU in your links (4bytes per MPLS label) and link usage increases for the extra overhead.

So it is important to know stuff but as well how to name that stuff 😛