How I created this blog

Still in progress:

1- Get a VPS:

There are so many options, AWS, GCP, OVH, etc. I used OVH as it was pretty cheap initially and chose the most basic VPS. I use Debian as OS.

2- Get a domain

There are many place to buy domains, you dont need anything fancy and spend big. Just google. I used OVH too

3- Install LAMP

I used several links.

The above should give you a working database (MariaDB/MySQL), PHP(7.0) and a web server (Apache2).

I found an issue trying to get apache and php to work.:

At the end I had to remove a module, add php7.0 module and restart. Afterwards I could thest apache was executing php. Once that was configured I removed the php file as recommended.

sudo a2dismod mpm_event
sudo a2enmod php7.0
sudo systemctl restart apache2

If apache+php dont work properly, the next steps will fail.

4- Install PHPmyAdmin

I used these links:

4- Get SSL cert:

You can get this for free:

It is so easy to get your certs generated, installed and renewed, that I can’t believe it:

5- Install WordPress

Still needed some tweaking as I am pretty clueless with Apache to make work WordPress:

6- Security

Keep in mind that you will create several user/pass.

  • mysql root user/pass
  • phpmyadmin user/pass
  • wordpressuser for mysql
  • wordpressuser for UI

Be conscious with the security, you don’t want your server/apps to be hacked and used for doggy activity.

Will ask for help to some friends and will another post how to secure this environment.