This week I read that kubernetes is going to stop support for Docker soon. I was quite surprised. I am not an expert so it seems they have legit reasons. But I haven’t read anything from the other side. I think it is going to be painful so I need to try that in my lab and see how to do that migration. It has to be nice to learn that.

In the other end, I read a blog entry about ASICs from Cloudflare. I think without getting too technical it is a good one. And I learn about the different type of ASICs from Juniper. In the last years, I have only used devices powered by Broadcom ASICs. One day, I would like to try that P4/Barefoot Tofino devices. And related to this, I remember this NANOG presentation about ASICs that is really good (and fun!).


This is a very tasty biscuit and very simple to make. Just three ingredients plus a pinch of salt: flour, sugar and butter. I tried a couple of weeks ago for the base of a cake and really liked the buttery flavour. This biscuits are supercheap so not sure how much real butter they have. Last week I tried this recipe and I failed miserably. So I decided to try again but using a video so I can be sure the dough has the expected texture. So I tried this video. And it was quite good!


250g unsalted butter – room temperature

125g custer suggar

375g plain flour

pinch of salt


Mix everything in a bowl using your hands until getting a solid ball. Then you can spread with a rolling pin. I like thick, so a bit less than a finger. Then cut them in the shape you prefer. Use a fork to make some holes. Dust a big of sugar on top. Put in the fridge while preheat the oven at 175C. Once it is hot, put inside until slightly golden. Let them cool down in a rack. It is ok if they look soft.

This time they looked nice! Maybe I should have remove them a bit earlier from the oven.

To be honest, the taste wasn’t as buttery as the ones from the shop (the ingredients list wasnt 3…) but I am quite happy with them. Only 3 (basic) ingredients. Pretty quick to bake. And still had a dough ball in the fridge because my try was small. So you can have biscuits quickly next weekend.