“Patatas con ajo” was a typical side dish I had with a beef steak when I was a kid. I remember that acid/strong flavour of the potatoes. I have tried a couple of time lately and I couldn’t find the flavour. So I check a couple of videos, and this one gave me the clue, vinager! And then I realised that very likely in each household, this recipe has a different name like “patatas a la vinagreta”.

In my case, the potatoes are fried with much less olive oil so they dont get that crispy. Once they are cooked, removed from the pan, and put chopped garlic, parsly and vinager (I used white wine one). Cooked for 30 sec and then add again the potatoes. Be sure everything gets mixed. Then remove from the heat.

I found that childhood taste! And the day after, they were even better!


In one of the summaries I receive, I checked this article. I had read before about vertical farming and I thought it was a really interesting idea, mainly for the saving in water and soil. But I never thought that they were actually quite expensive to run because the electricity and tech needed (and real state). I am pretty sure that at some point not very far in the future they will be cost effective. Although it doesn’t feel natural.